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Challenge 2: Cost planning of work operations

The Challenge

After planning the crop rotation, we are creating a calculation of the work operations to be expected in each crop culture with the agronomist. This means that we assess the cost of each culture cultivated on the farm relating to work operations performed in the given cultivation period. For this, we will use the cost table stored in AgroVIR (Settings/Employment/Groups), in which the costs have already been assigned to the stored work operations. Based on this, we can clearly determine prices, but let’s see the exact work operations required by each culture.

The agronomist will take care of the maize and sunflower area and also starts the winter rape and leaves the calculations for the winter wheat areas to you. Since practices are different at every farm, he summarizes the methods used here:
“In the areas, where we want to sow winter wheat, we start work operations with stubble ploughing. This is mostly done with heavy disc. Afterwards, we apply fertilizer (supplied with the Manitou) and prepare the seed-bed with the Horsch Joker. Sowing is done with a Horsch machine as well (supplied with a front-end loader tractor + trailer) and finally we finish the year with weed control (supplying is also required during spraying). We apply fertilizer in February again, then we spray the area against aphids. This is followed by another round of fertilizing and spraying, but now we defend against oulema and leaf diseases. In May another round of fertilization and two rounds of spraying follows and finally, we do one final round of spraying in the area for head protection. This is followed by harvesting and finally we do stubble ploughing with a cultivator.”

Based on this, create the calculations for the expected costs of work operations in the winter wheat areas. Use the following chart to enter the data. Fill in the rows and complete the sentences below. In the table, you can find the details not mentioned by the agronomist during his brief summary.


I.e. we can calculate with a …………………. HUF/ha cost for planned work operations in the winter wheat areas.
In the cultivation period 2021/2022 a total of ………. ha winter wheat is planned for the 10 specified fields. Therefore, we foresee a cost of ……………………. HUF for the complete wheat area.

Exercise summary

Exercise summary: Create the list of work operations required for the cultivation of winter wheat based on the information from the agronomist and the table in the most precise and detailed manner possible. Assign a price for the work operations and finally define the expected cost of work operations in relation to the 10 fields and per hectare as well (calculate only the costs of work operations, you do not have to take material costs into account).

1. step: Download the table.
2. step: Go to the price list of work operations on the AgroVIR interface (Settings/Employment/Groups).
3. step: Based on the information from the agronomist, fill in the table and complete the sentences below.
4. Send the table and the completed sentences to support@agrovirtus.hu as an attachment



Please note, that all costs are indicated in Hungarian Forints (HUF), and your calculations shall also be in HUF in this exercise. 

Video guide

Use the following training videos as guidance:




Maximum total score in this round: 35 points.

Submission deadline

The submission deadline of the exercises: 22:00, 31. October 2021; Please send your downloaded report to support@agrovirtus.hu

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