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Challenge 1: Crop Rotation

The Challenge

We are in production year 2020/2021 and we are already preparing for next year.
The agronomist queried the crops cultivated in the previous periods from the AgroVIR system and based on these he started planning the crop rotation for next year (AgroVIR interface / Cultivation periods). However, the diesel fuel supply arrived to the farm and he had to leave to help with the fuel transfer before he could finish. The last thing he said was the following: “At least 10 ha of rape must be sown on these remaining 10 fields, but we need some maize as well.”

Your task is to finish planning the crop rotation in the remaining areas (6 fields). You may find some comments for some of the fields, which are essential for making the right decisions. During planning, follow general professional rules and recommendations and take the agronomist’s request into account as well. (Total score: 15 points, 2-4 points for each correct answer.)

Historical data available for the fields:
● Crops cultivated in every field for 2017/2018
● Crops cultivated in every field for 2018/2019
● Crops cultivated in every field for 2019/2020
● Crops cultivated in every field for 2020/2021
● Crops planned in several fields for 2021/2022

Exercise summary: Plan the crop rotation for the remaining areas (6 areas between AV-5 an AV-10) on the Cultivation periods interface of AgroVIR. Enter the planned crops based on the requirements specified above and provide a brief professional and/or logical justification in the Comments field.

Main characteristics of the areas and the production
Production is done in a nitrate-sensitive area. Concerning geographical characteristics, the areas do not have a slope of 12% or higher and non of them are subject to Natura 2000 requirements. The sowing structure is limited to the following crops on the 10 specified fields: winter wheat, maize, sunflower and rape.



It must be noted that the exercises are based on each other, so statements and conditions specified in earlier exercises may prove to be useful background information later.

Video guide

Use the following training video as guidance:


Total score: 15 points (2-4 points for each correct answer).

Submission deadline

The submission deadline of the exercises: 22:00, 31. October 2021

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