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Challenge 3: Seeding

The Challenge

The crop rotation is completed. The next step is planning the seeding schedule to ensure effective work planning and good time management. The agronomist asks you to create the seeding work operation plan for the 6 fields from the previous exercise on the AgroVIR interface (Employment / Work operations). Please enter the required additional information in the Comments.

You can find additional information for the already introduced fields in the exercise description and under Cultivation periods. Check the work operations from previous years, because you can often gather valuable information from those as well. Also, use the relevant specialized literature and common sense to solve the exercises!
You have noted down the following important information during the discussion with the agronomist:

  • The recommended seed quantity for winter wheat is 220 kg/ha, in case of hybrid rape we can calculate with 4 ha/bag.
  • The Vaderstad Spirit 600S sowing machine leaves the service workshop on 13 October.
  • Your fields are characterized by compacted soil.
  • During harvesting maize was dry and provided good yield, we finished harvesting on 15 October.
  • Rapeseed supply is not continuous, time of reception to the warehouse must be checked (Stock / Receptions).
  • The financial administrator is on sick leave, thus some of the materials were not added under Receptions in the AgroVIR system. Two important reminders for you:
    A: On 10 September, 16 bags of DK Expansion + Acceleron Elit rapeseed arrived (invoice data: Partner: seed providers, delivery note number: AV0023451; unit price: 104 950 HUF; – you do not have to log the reception, this is just additional information for you.
    B: Maize seed hybrid – DKC 4541 – 17 bags on stock (80 thousand seeds/bag) – this item is also not logged in the system and you do not have to enter it either.
  • Training of the new employee is in progress; therefore, sowing depth must be indicated during planning (in the Comments).
  • The JD8R410,SVW-962 power machine usually works with the Vaderstad Spirit 600S machine, while the JD6210R,NBG-814 power machine works with the John Deere 1770i machine. Usually Gyula (Joseph) drives it.
  • The employee of the company carries out contracted work on the JD6155R, SAK-355 power machine + Vaderstad TPV12 machine.
  • AV-2 and AV-10 are sunny areas, the soil warms up quickly and stores heat quite well.
  • We do not want to exceed the 65 thousand seeds /ha quantity during maize seeding, but the agronomist thinks that in many cases 85-90% of this may be enough per hectare.
  • See the crop rotation approved by the agronomist in the table below:

Exercise summary

Define the quantity of seed per hectare (kg/ha, thousand seeds /ha or bag/ha), sowing time and sowing depth and justify these with professional and logical reasons in one sentence. (The seed quantity per hectare and the sowing time must be logged under Work operations, the reasons and the sowing depth must be detailed in the Comments. Select a power machine, machine, labor force under Work operations for the task to be carried out.

Video guide

Use the following training videos as guidance:

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Scoring: every parameter is worth 2 points, maximum score in this round: 24 points.

Submission deadline

The submission deadline of the exercises: 22:00, 07. November 2021;

Please note that both technical and professional support can be provided no later than 18.00, 05. November 2021.

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