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Challenge 4: Contracted work accounting

The Challenge

At the end of every production year, the services carried out by us as contracted works are paid. We must be able to list the work operations carried out on the specific field, the materials applied and other related materials used and costs incurred for the previous year. I.e. precise accounting is required so the service user can clearly see what works were carried out on the field, when they were performed and what the related costs are. Besides the costs, the content of the applied materials must be clearly visible as well (especially in case of subsequent delivery of nutrients).

This task is about creating such a report. Let’s see what happens at the farm:
07:00, Friday, 29 October 2021 Briefing. Every employee is sitting at their usual place and stirs their morning coffee. Except for the financial administrator, because he is on sick leave. After everyone told their work related remarks, experiences and thoughts, the agronomist summarizes the events of the last week and month and lists the plans and works for the day and the next period. When he is done, he turns towards you and says:

“One of our clients who owns field AV6 has an appointment for this afternoon. They would like to discuss production year 2020/2021. Please, create the required report so they can clearly see the works carried out on that field and the active substances we applied. Pay attention to active substances, because they are not always uploaded for the materials (this is important in case of the fertilizer). If data are missing, you do not have to deal with that, once the financial administrator comes back, he will finish the administration and we can settle accounts with the client more precisely afterwards.”

Before he left to check the lubrication process of combine-harvesters, he added one more thing:

“I think we use the Boron Plus from Wuxal, if the registry shows 0 active substances, you can leave it like that.”

Exercise summary

Create the field folder of field AV6 for the production year 2020/2021. If you are done, check the figures for the applied active substances. If they are not complete, add the fertilizer information under Product Group for the materials under Nutrient management and generate the field folder again. Check the Active substances field and the last column of the Nutrient management field (N) as well. Send the final field folder in the PDF format to support@agrovirtus.hu.

Video guide

Use the following training videos as guidance:

Field folder 

Stock menu



Maximum score in this round: 25 points.

Submission deadline

The submission deadline of the exercises: 22:00, 07. November 2021; (Send the final field folder in the PDF format to support@agrovirtus.hu)

Please note that both technical and professional support can be provided no later than 18.00, 05. November 2021.



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