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What the competition is about?
Where you compete

The competition takes four weeks. Every week you resolve simulated agriculture problems of real farms in a virtual environment. Your solutions shall be uploaded in the market leader agriculture farm management software, AgroVIR, where you will get access to tons of data of the virtual farm you work on – do not worry, we will teach you how to use the software as well.

How you compete

The competition goes on for four weeks in a virtual environment. At the beginning of each week, we will provide you with the parameters of the specific farm, make the production data available and define the agricultural / management problems you have to work out the solution.

What you do

Be ready with your team. Process the information. Develop a solution. Optimize input procurement, develop the machine park, make real management decisions and record your solution which will be evaluated by a professional jury.

Why should you enter the agricultural competition of the year?
Acquire Marketable knowledge
Real-life agricultural issues are simulated during the competition, and you are welcome to solve these problems with modern technology. We teach you how to use these solutions with the help of renowned agricultural experts.
Win valuable prizes
Besides all that knowledge, you can also win valuable prizes! The best team receives 3000 EUR, the runner-up 1500 EUR and the bronze medalist 1000 EUR.
Build your career

You can be part of a community, where you can establish life-long connections with talented young members of the agricultural sector and build excellent professional partnerships with the representatives of companies. 

How to get started?

Entry deadline: 06.10.2022.

Build a team and register for the competition

Teams of 3-4 students with an active status are eligible to enter.

Prepare with us!
Take part in our preparation training before the event so you can bring your A game in Agrovirtus
Make management and professional agricultural decisions in virtual farms over five weeks and be among the top ten teams
Qualify for the academy and the finals

The top ten teams automatically qualify for Agrovirtus Academy (digital or on-site, as you wish), where you will be trained by renowned experts and managers with full board accommodation. The Academy will be concluded by the finals where the top five teams can compete.


Entry deadline: 06 October 2022

Online preparation for registered teams: 15 October 2022

Qualifiers: 18 October – 15 November 2022

The 10 best teams of the qualifiers will get into the Agrovirtus Academy which is organised in Budapest, Hungary where all your expenses are covered by the organisers.

Agrovirtus Academy: 1-3 December 2022

Semifinals: 2 December 2022

Finals: 3 December 2022


Date of the qualifiers:
18 October – 15 November 2022

During the qualifiers, we simulate various situations in the AgroVIR farm management system based on real data from real farms.

The team will receive tasks related to these issues every Monday for 5 weeks. They have to solve these tasks in this system, so the qualifiers take place online.

The top 10 teams of the qualifiers will get into Agrovirtus Academy, where we will train you for three days with full board accommodation.


Date of Agrovirtus Academy:
1-3 December 2022

The top 10 teams of the Agrovirtus qualifiers will get into Agrovirtus Academy (Budapest, Hungary).

During the two days of the Academy interesting specialist lectures, trainings, and workshops will be held, your accommodation and meals are on us of course.

Team members qualified for the academy are awarded with a degree in “Digital Farm management”, which can be used in resumes, scholarships, or job applications.

Semifinals will be held at the Academy, where the top five teams will be chosen, and qualify for the finals on 3 December.


Date of the Agrovirtus finals:
3 December 2022 (Budapest, Hungary)

The top 5 teams of the Agrovirtus semifinals will qualify for the finals.

We will not give away the tasks of the finals of course but be prepared for exciting challenges and a jury composed of renowned professionals. Tasks of the finals will be announced in the morning, and after a few hours of preparation, the final competition begins in the early afternoon.

Like last year, we are preparing with valuable prizes this year as well!




Are you interested?
Register and let agrovirtus begin!

Teams of 3-4 students are eligible to register for the competition from any department of any university. If you decided to get started and the team is ready, submit the names and contact information of the team members to us.

Would you like to learn more?
Register for our online info-day!

Before the competition, we hold an online briefing day (on zoom) where we will have lots of interesting information, but you can also ask questions. Do not forget to register for the briefing day so we can send you the link!

Info days: 15 and 22 September 2022 / Qualifiers: 10 October – 06 November 2022


In the final of the Agrovirtus Competition you can show yourself before the following specialists:

Dr. Csaba Gyuricza Head of Jury

Rector - Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Norbert Kovács

Chief Executive Officer - Mezőhegyes National Stud Farm Ltd.

Angéla Kyster

Head of Division - Bayer Crop Science

Miklós Maróti

Chief Executive Officer - AgroVIR Ltd.

Szabolcs Makai

Chief Executive Officer - Talentis Agro Ltd.

Zoltán Pivoda

Chief Executive Officer - EXATA GROUP, as

Nándor Csepreghy

Director - Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation

Ádám Balogh

Chief Executive Officer - Baki Agrocentrum Ltd.

Check out last year’s finals in Budapest, Hungary

Finalists can also present online and participate virtually

The minds behind the Agrovirtus contest

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