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Challenge 5: Harvesting and yield registration

The Challenge

This week, the agronomist asked you to do a more complex work process. Your task is to document maize harvesting and the related yield registration for 2020/2021 (on fields AV-8 and AV-9).
Since the AgroVIR system has been introduced recently and the colleague responsible for administration has been on sick leave for long, you have to set the parameters related to yield registration as well.
The agronomist read out aloud the following information from his notepad with some additional tips and explanations:

  • “Maize fields for 2020/2021 were harvested on 15 October 2021. Check the work operation and if it was registered incorrectly, correct the error (Employment / Work operations).
  • Check if product “Kukorica_2021_Saját” (Maize_2021_Own) has already been created under the stocks. If not, create a new product with the name “Kukorica_2021_Saját” (Stock / Stock and Product group).
  • The method of pricing for the product “Kukorica_2021_Saját” will be clearing-based. Pay attention to VAT, it is a Reverse VAT product. Basic quantity unit is kg, secondary quantity unit is ton. Further data should be registered as appropriate, e.g. culture and type of crop is maize.
  • Create a crop warehouse. Assign the harvested maize to this during yield registration. Please, note that we will store both own and foreign crop in this warehouse (Settings / Stock / Warehouse). The name of the certificate sets should be the following: TRKI and TRBE
  • Since the new digital weighbridge has been replaced recently and the new scale has not been connected to AgroVIR yet, do not carry out yield registration based on weighing. Instead, assign the harvested crop quantity to the specific field. You can do this under Stock / Yield registration. You can carry out yield registration for both fields at the same time.
  • If I remember correctly, 329 650 kg of maize was harvested from field AV-8, while only 44 910 kg of maize was harvested from AV-9.
  • Check under the Harvesting work operation, if yield was successfully registered (Information button).”

Generate an Excel sheet with the product information of Kukorica_2021_Saját (Stock / Stock / Product information) and send it to support@agrovirtus.hu with your team name.


Exercise summary

Exercise summary: document maize harvesting and the related yield registration for 2020/2021 (on fields AV-8 and AV-9). Follow the instructions of the agronomist and send the Excel sheet with the product information to support@agrovirtus.hu.

Video guide

Use the following training videos as guidance:





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Total score: 15 points.

Submission deadline

The submission deadline of the exercises: 22:00, 14. November 2021.

Please note that both technical and professional support can be provided no later than 18.00, 12. November 2021.

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